Cancer Hospital employs robots, AI in treating cancer

Deputy Health Minister Professor Nguyen Viet Tien praised the Hanoi-based Cancer Hospital for applying technologies to improve cancer treatment including employing robots in operation, radiation therapy and artificial intelligence in treatment chart, building telemedicine to support its satellite infirmaries and big data.
Cancer Hospital employs robots, AI in treating cancer

He spoke at a scientific seminar on cancer prevention yesterday where local and international experts in the field shared experience in treating the disease and updated progress in the fighting of the silent killer.

According to Professor Tien, Industry 4.0 digital transformation has gradually changed people’s life and even in treatment service in the S-shaped country. Vietnam’s healthcare sector has made progress in adoption of technologies in management mission pioneering in experimenting electronic applications to reduce pressure for big infirmaries.

Cancer is becoming a heavy burden for the society, said Professor Tien. The fresh cancer cases in Vietnam surged from 68,000 patients in 2000 to nearly 165,000 in 2018. It is predicted that it will be 200,000 in 2020.

Generally, cancer cases in Vietnam is not as high as other countries in the globe but the Southeast Asian country has high cancer-related mortality ranking 56 over 185 nations and territories.

The figure has shown that the sector should take heed of cancer prevention task including raising people’s awareness of the disease and improve early diagnosis and treatment quality to cut down death and the quality of life for patients, Professor Tien stressed.

He expected the infirmary will get success in adopting technologies helping other medical institutions to apply these technologies to raise cancer treatment quality.

Director Tran Van Thuan informed the hospital has so far cooperated with leading cancer research centers in the US, France, Japan, and South Korea in training task, sharing experience and updating preventive mission of risk and cancer treatment methods.

On the occasion, the ministry also awarded badges to seven foreign experts who have devoted to the infirmary’s building and developing as well as in the fight against cancer in the country.