Campaign launched to detect loopholes on anti-Covid-19 tech platforms

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has rolled out a campaign to detect security loopholes on Covid-19 prevention and control tech platforms.
The PC-COVID mobile app (Photo: VNA)
It aims to further collect feedback from experts on possible errors and security loopholes on current tech platforms in the field, thereby better ensuring information safety and helping developers beware of emerging risks.

In late August, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the MIC’s Authority of Information Security and the VNSecurity Foundation jointly launched a bug bounty programme called BugRank at

One month after its implementation, the programme received opinions from nearly 90 experts who submitted 81 reports on platforms’ loopholes and shortcomings.

NCSC Director Tran Quang Hung said that the prompt detection and repair to security vulnerabilities of the applications and systems will help mitigate risks and losses, especially to those which were recently launched like PC-COVID.

At the launch ceremony of the campaign (Photo: Authority of Information Technology Application)
BugRank employs a competitive model that leverages the use of ethical hackers (or security researchers) to detect and submit bugs or vulnerabilities within an organisation's digital assets with the potential for rewards if found and validated within a predefined scope.

Experts reporting identified vulnerabilities have been honoured and awarded for their contributions to the security of Covid-19 prevention and control digital platforms at and

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