Buyers of contraband tobacco receive fine of US$130

According to the government’s decree 98/2020 , buyers and users of contraband tobacco even one pack can be fined up to VND3 million (US$130).
The decree taking effect on October 15, 2020 stipulates that people who trade, transport, store and deliver smuggled cigarettes with quantities of less than 50 packs, will be fine up to VND3 million.
Accordingly, the decree does not only apply to those who sell and transport smuggled tobacco but consumers who buy even one tobacco packet will also be fined up to VND3 million.
The tougher sanction is expected to handle the rampant sale of smuggled tobacco, and deter consumers from buying illegally- transported tobacco. Consumers need to be aware of this decree so that they will not become violators as well as help consume smuggled cigarettes.

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