Binh Duong Province seeing surge in hand-foot-mouth cases

The Health Department of Binh Duong Province yesterday reported the status of hand-foot-mouth disease in the area since the beginning of 2024.

Typical signals of hand-foot-mouth disease (Photo: SGGP)

Accordingly, since the start of this year, Binh Duong Province has detected 850 cases of hand-foot-mouth disease, more than a double compared to this time last year.

Particularly, from May 13 – 19, the quantity of newly discovered cases was 135, which is a rise of 43 percent as opposed to the previous week. These patients are mostly living in Thuan An City, Tan Uyen City, Di An City, Thu Dau Mot City, and Ben Cat City.

At the moment, the healthcare sector of Binh Duong Province is actively working with the local authorities to implement urgent measures to control and prevent further spreading of hand-food-mouth disease.

They provide educational institutes, especially nurseries, with suitable equipment for hand washing like soaps and hand sanitizer solution. More propaganda activities are being carried out regarding environmental sanitation.

These measures are expected to help timely detect new disease outbreaks or cases for examination and treatment.

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