Beware of 'accidental' bank transfers: new scam targets residents

The police of Thu Duc City (HCMC) yesterday warned citizens against a new scam involving 'accidental' money transfers to bank accounts.


Accordingly, scammers are using personal information to deliberately transfer money into people's accounts.

They then pose as debt collectors from a financial company and contact the victim to demand the return of the 'mistakenly' transferred money as a loan.

Alternatively, these ill-intention people may claim to be living abroad and want to receive the 'mistakenly' transferred money from the victim, requesting them to use an international money transfer service through a provided link.

If the victim enters their account information into the link provided by the scammer, all the money in their account will be withdrawn.

Therefore, the police advise city residents first not to spend the money 'mistakenly' transferred into their accounts. Instead, they should contact their bank to report the incident, request a bank account statement, and wait for the bank to verify and return the money to the rightful owner.

Second, when receiving calls from the bank regarding this 'accidental' transfer, people should verify the caller's identity by checking that the phone number is indeed from the bank.

They should never transfer money back to strangers without a third-party witness, and they should not transfer money to an account other than the one to which the money was 'mistakenly' transferred. Then they should wait for the bank to resolve the issue before taking any further action.

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