Baby dies after getting five-in-one vaccine

A three-month-old baby died on July 15 after receiving a five-in-one vaccine in the highlands province of Lam Dong.

Doctor Nguyen Huu Phuc, director of the provincial Preventive Medicine Center, called on July 16 for police investigation into the death.

The baby in Tan Lam Commune, Di Linh District was taken to the commune Medical Clinic by her parents on July 15 to be inoculated with the five-in-one vaccine. After the procedure, the parents kept her at the clinic for 30 minutes, as the doctor ordered.

Since she did not display worrisome symptoms, she was released from the clinic.  At home, the baby began having difficulty breathing and became pale. Her parents rushed her to the provincial General Hospital 2 in Bao Loc City, but the infant expired en route.

Immediately following the incident, the provincial Preventive Medicine Center withdrew stock of vaccines and needles from the clinic for further probe.

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