American patients donates ten corneas to Vietnamese hospitals

Dr. Kondrot presented a special gift of 10 corneas of American patients who passed away last May to the National Organ Coordination Center yesterday.
Dr. Kondrot presents a special gift of 10 corneas (Photo: SGGP)
Dr. Kondrot presents a special gift of 10 corneas (Photo: SGGP)
These corneas will be transplanted for Vietnamese patients with eye diseases. The Center gave five of them to the Central Hospital in the central province of Thua Thien – Hue and five to the Eye Bank of the National Eye Hospital.
Eye Bank’s director Nguyen Huu Hoang said that the present was very precious because around 1,000 eye patients have been waiting for transplantation whereas a few people agreed to donate their cornea; accordingly, the bank will prioritize to transplant for those whose two eyes have weak vision.
Dr. Kondrot and his wife, Ly Kondrot, are interested in doing charitable deed ; they usually travel to undeveloped nations to perform gratis eye surgeries especially on children.
Mrs. Ly Kondrot, a Vietnamese – American woman, always wishes to do something for her fatherland.

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