Agriculture sector holds meeting to link farmers, enterprises

The agriculture consultation and support center under the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Ho Chi Minh City has organized a meeting to connect farmers, producers and enterprises.

The meeting, served as a source of information and knowledge relevant as to promote market-oriented farming, aimed to link the three sides so as to provide safe produces to consumers and introduce measures to boost consumption of agricultural products.

A representative from Tien Phong Pig Farming Cooperative said that he was finding out payment ways and the criteria, procedure of supply to supermarket chain while representatives from Co.opmart and Lotte said produce must satisfy VietGAP criteria and food safety regulation.

Vissan representative added that in addition to VietGAP criteria, cooperatives must ensure enough supply as per contract to meet consumers’ demands of commodities.

Whereas farmers Tran Thi Thu in Hoc Mon District said the meeting helped her to directly exchange with distributors to understand requirements; accordingly, she and other farmers have market orientation.

Deputy Director of the center Nguyen Van Duc Tien said that to help manufacturers and farmers to sell their products more, firms should build their brand names with commitment to quality besides learning market demand to avoid abundant production of one agricultural product resulting in low price.

In addition to the government’ and the sector’ support, firms should adopt new production line helping to lift products’ value, and never-ending supply.

Cooperatives Tan Thong Hoi, Tien Phong Pig Farming Cooperative, Phuoc An, companies Vissan, Co.opmart, Lotte, Song Xanh and many farmers participated in the meeting.