Additional 3.3 tons of pangolin scales smuggled into Vietnam

Customs officials in Sai Gon port and the department of smuggling prevention (C74) in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday announced to find around 3.3 tons of pangolin scales illegal imported from an African nation.

Additional 3.3 tons of pangolin scales smuggled into Vietnam
The shipment was hidden well in bags which are used for containing cashews. After a long time collecting information, the customs department in the port stopped clearance of a shipment from Nigeria with a transit port in Cambodia of Tan Vinh Thinh Company which declared to be dried cashew.
Before, on April 27, the port’s customs department also found out and seized nearly 4 tons of pangolin scales hidden logs and imported from Congo.
Only one week, the customs officials have detected over 7 ton products of pangolin species which are Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, and two more are Critically Endangered, worth over VND60 billion ($2.6 million)
The Customs department and relevant agencies will carry out further investigation as per the law.
Pangolins are the most highly trafficked animal in the world. They are used in Asia for both their meat and their scales, which are made of keratin and in high demand for use in Asian medicine.

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