8 kilograms of watermelon seeds exported to Japan

First batch of 8 kilograms of watermelon seeds meeting Japanese standard, produced by farmers in the Mekong Delta provinces of Tien Giang and Hau Giang with the support of Loc Troi Group and Japan’s Hagihara Farm Company, was exported to Japan, Loc Troi Group announced yesterday.
8 kilograms of watermelon seeds exported to Japan
A group representative said after two years of research, Loc Troi Group, Hagihara Farm Company and farmers have piloted growing in the two provinces and at last, local farmers have successfully produced watermelon seeds meeting the high standards required by Japan.
The watermelon seeds were produced in the two provinces in the favorable weather conditions for the production of watermelon seeds.
Additionally, the three sides ought to follow a strict rule during the procedure with the aim to produce seeds in the S-shaped country and then transition to organic farming. Seed will be exported to Japan and other countries in the world.
Farmer Tran Viet Truong, one of the two farmers successfully producing watermelon seeds meeting Japanese standards, said the most difficult step during the seed production process is pollination because it required farmers’ great concentration.
Loc Troi Chairman cum General Director Huynh Van Thon said the event marked a milestone in the improvement of Vietnamese farmers’ seed production capabilities. The group will further intensify cooperation with Hagihara Farm to support farmers.

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