46 dog bite-related deaths reported countrywide

By July, the country reported 46 dog bite-related fatalities in 24 cities and provinces. From 2018 to date, there has been an increase of fatal dog attacks. 

46 dog bite-related deaths reported countrywide
Specifically, in 2018, 103 died of dog bite attacks, higher than 2017 with 29 cases.
The information was released at a yesterday convention about measures against rabies in Northern provinces jointly organized by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the World Health Organization.
According to the Preventive Medicine Department and the Department of Animal Health’s report, in addition to an increase of fatal dog attacks, rabies cases especially surged in localities which are not hot spot for rabies.
Most dead people have not vaccinated after being bitten by animals.
A representative from the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, around 500,000 Vietnamese people are immunized against rabies averagely annually.
Rabies-related fatalities rank first amongst communicable diseases in the country during the period 2008-2018.
Rabies development is very complicated because of free-roaming dogs and low vaccination. Moreover, people’s awareness against rabies is low. Worse, a few people get vaccine shot because the price of vaccine is high.
WHO and FAO issued warning that rabies is recorded in more than 150 countries and territories. A person can reduce the risk of coming in contact with rabid animals by vaccinating after being bitten by animals, vaccinating his pets, and don’t let animal free.

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