1,751 organizations, individuals fined for environment pollution

Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development said at the review meeting of 2014 that after 10 year to implement Decision 64/2003/QD-TTg about controling the environment pollution measures, to date there are 384 out of 439 facilities to meet the environment demands , not causing serious environmental pollution, accounting 87.5 percent. However, there are 55 facilicites, not completed the solutions to treat the environmental pollution, accounting 12.5 percent.

Concerning to this issue, there are 101 out of 435 which have completed the environmental sollutions, in an attempt to carry out Decision 1788/2003/QD-TTg. 

According to the ministry, environment inspector has fined 1,751 organizations, individuals worth VND 141billion; collected taxes for state budget VND 1.7billion.

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