1.6 mobile subscribers in danger of service termination after March 31

The Authority of Telecommunications (under the Information & Communications Ministry) yesterday announced that 1.9 million mobile subscribers successfully certify personal information with their carriers.

This quantity accounts for 51 percent of the total who need to correct their personal information compared to the National Population Database as regulated. Today is the last day to finish the task for the service not to be terminated.

Lately, there are over 100,000 mobile subscribers each day coming to the offices of mobile carriers to complete this necessary task. With this pace, after March 31, 1.6 million subscribers will have their calling ability locked.

At that time, they should actively send a message with the content TTTB to the number 1414 in order to check whether their information is precise or not. They can then update the information via corresponding apps or call the customer service hotlines of their carriers for further instruction.

After 15 days having the calling ability locked, if mobile subscribers still cannot certify their information as regulated, both the calling and receiving abilities will be deactivated. 30 days after this time, the service contract will be terminated if those people do not complete the information correcting process.

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