Wastewater treatment using RO technology proves success in Dong Nai Province

AB Mauri Viet Nam Limited, located in the southern province of Dong Nai, has just publicly introduced its wastewater treatment process using reverse osmosis (RO) filter technology. This advanced technology is able to eliminate all toxin in wastewater, especially heavy metal.

The RO technology to treat wastewater of AB Mauri Viet Nam Limited. Photo by T.Ba
The RO technology to treat wastewater of AB Mauri Viet Nam Limited. Photo by T.Ba

Due to a failure of sewage treatment with the anaerobic digester technology 10 years ago, AB Mauri Viet Nam Limited had to renovate its treatment lines. At the moment, it is making good use of the new RO technology for this task.

The RO filter technology outweighs older ones regarding environmental safety criteria.

According to the Dong Nai Department of Natural Resources and Environment, through data sent by automatic monitoring systems, all parameters of sewage treatment such as pH, total suspended solids (TSS), water flow, water color, chemical oxygen demands (COD), sewage temperature show very positive results thanks to the use of this RO technology.

All these results strictly meet the demands of national standards listed in the QCVN 06:2009/BTNMT on toxin levels in the atmosphere

This has allowed AB Mauri Viet Nam Limited to win the permit to exploit and use water in Tri An Lake for manufacturing purposes as well as share it free of charge to the local community.

This decision is hoped to help residents in La Nga Commune near the lake have sufficient clean water for their daily needs, especially in the dry season at the moment.