VNeID updates useful features for administrative procedures

The application VNeID version 2.1.6 has just been released by the Ministry of Public Security with additional practical features.


The electronic citizen account on the app VNeID at level 1 can access these functions:

  • Integrating personal information from the National Population Database;
  • Offering Single Sign-On (SSO) and access to online public services;
  • Submitting residence notifications;
  • Reporting and giving feedback related to public security and order.

In the newly released version, VNeID users at level 1 are offered the new functions:

  • Receiving notifications on administrative procedures related to birth registration, permanent residence registration, and issuance of health insurance cards for children under 6 years old;
  • Receiving updates on crime prevention warnings.

Level-2 VNeID users, besides the above features, can use more practical functions:

  • Updating residence information;
  • Integrating information from the latest chip-based citizen ID card and its history;
  • Integrating verified dependent information with the National Population Database;
  • Integrating vehicle registration information;
  • Integrating health insurance card information.

These updates aim to provide more convenience for citizens from July 1, when people nationwide officially use their VNeID account as the sole one in carrying out administrative procedures online.

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