VN launches new platform to help organizations manage cyber risks

To increase data security, Vietnam yesterday introduced a useful digital platform in the Security Summit 2024 to early detect any information security risks.

Vietnam Security Summit 2024

Vietnam Security Summit 2024 was held yesterday in Hanoi, held by the Information Security Authority (the Ministry of Information and Communication) and IEC Group. This annual event attracted the participation of more than 1,000 people, including state officials in charge of information technology and information security as well as businesses in the fields of finance-banking, insurance, telecommunications, e-commerce, transportation-logistics.

Statistics in the event reveal that in 2023, the world suffers from US$8 trillion damage from cyberattacks, and this figure is predicted to continue increasing.

Themed ‘Safety in the AI era’, Vietnam Security Summit 2024 became a forum for the authorities, senior experts in cyber security and information safety share their directions and visions, along with feasible solutions to improve safety for databases in the period of artificial intelligence boom.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Pham Duc Long is delivering his speech in the event

In his opening speech, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Pham Duc Long stressed that to maintain information security needs strong cooperation among organizations, businesses, and state bodies. This collaboration both offers more chances for information sharing and increases the ability to quickly and effectively respond to cyber risks.

Besides its obvious benefits, AI could be utilized by cyber criminals to develop sophisticated malware, launch phishing attacks, and use deepfake technology for online scams.

Therefore, to create a safer cyber environment and protect Internet users from possible cunning attacks here, state agencies, information safety businesses, and the whole society must constantly join hand to form a strong barrier.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Pham Duc Long and other delegates are touring the exhibition in Vietnam Security Summit 2024

Deputy Minister Long reminded that in this AI era, all state agencies and organizations must frequently review and evaluate the status of their information networks to apply suitable information security protection methods.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Pham Duc Long and other delegates are performing the protocol to formally launch the platform to manage, detect, and deliver early warnings for information security risks

In Vietnam Security Summit 2024, the Information Security Authority (the Information and Communications Ministry) formally launched its platform to manage, detect, and deliver early warnings against potential information security risks.

“When in operation, this platform will greatly contribute to the task of maintaining information safety of the national network. All agencies, organizations, businesses, particular small and medium-scale enterprises, can use it free of charge”, informed Deputy Minister Long.

Before this, another three digital platform had been introduced with the same purposes, consisting of a management platform to ensure information safety by level, an incident response and coordination support platform, and digital investigation support platform.

NCSC’s Deputy Director Pham Thai Son is introducing the platform

Deputy Director Pham Thai Son of the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) under the Information Security Authority shared that the number of information security vulnerabilities has been increasing continuously each year. In 2023, 29,000 such were detected, meaning an average of 60-70 per day.

With the increasing number of digital assets of organizations, new attack scenarios are also constantly increasing over time, covering more aspects. Cybersecurity risks can occur on any digital asset, and it is difficult for system owners or operators to control all risks.

"Therefore, the Information Security Authority has built a platform for managing and detecting and early warning of cybersecurity risks to support organizations in comprehensively controlling cybersecurity risks”, said Deputy Director Son.

He further informed that this platform operates based on the four pillars of

  • Supporting risk management on digital assets of software and hardware, helping system owners have an overview of attack surfaces that can be exploited for attacks;
  • Automatically assessing the severity and impact of security risks;
  • Performing data analysis to detect and early warn of cybersecurity risks, especially for zero-day vulnerabilities;
  • Providing remediation recommendations for each detected risk.

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