Viettel to launch service in Myanmar

The Military Industry and Telecoms Group (Viettel) announced on May 27 that it would formally launch its mobile network service named Mytel in Myanmar next month. This is the tenth international market and the most crowded one that Viettel has ever invested into, with the population of nearly 53 million people.

Mytel has been working for a long time, but it has not been officially launched.
Mytel has been working for a long time, but it has not been officially launched.

Mytel is the brand-name of Telecom International Myanmar – the joint venture between Viettel Global (a member of the Military Industry and Telecoms Group) and two local partners, consisting of Star High Public Company and Myanmar National Telecom Holding Public (MNTH).

The total investment capital of this project is $1.5 billion, accounting for 66 percent of Vietnam’s registered capital into Myanmar.

Thanks to this major project, until the end of 2017, Vietnam rose from the tenth to the seventh position among 49 nations and regions pouring capital into Myanmar, and the second among ASEAN countries investing into Myanmar.

In the first year, Mytel will invest into the telecommunication infrastructure, building more than 7,000 4G Base Transceiver Stations and more than 30,000km of optical cable.

In Myanmar, Mytel is the first mobile network to fully cover the nation with 4G right at the launching.

According to Mr. Le Dang Dung, Vice-President of Viettel, the density of mobile use in Myanmar is not high, plus it is a newly opened market, so with its fast economic development, there will be plenty of opportunities for telecommunication businesses in general and for Viettel in particular.

In 2018, his company aims at gaining around 2-3 million users in Myanmar.

In Myanmar, Mytel is the fourth largest mobile network service, preceded by MPT of Myanmar’s Government, Teleenor of Norway, and Ooredoo of Qatar with 42 percent, 35 percent, and 23 percent of market share respectively.