Vietnamese young people, int'l peers attend forum of young intellectuals

Some 177 representatives of young intellectuals in the country and 16 countries and territories attended the fourth global forum of Vietnamese young intellectuals themed Promoting young Vietnamese intellectuals in the national digital transformation this morning in Hanoi.


Vietnamese young people, int'l peers attend forum of young intellectuals ảnh 1 At the event 

Due to the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, this year's forum was held in both face-to-face and online form. 177 young intellectual delegates in the country and 16 countries and territories brought to the forum a lot of ideas and enthusiastic discussions with the desire to contribute to the implementation of the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress.

Moreover, they expected to participate in the National Digital Transformation program by 2025, with orientation to 2030 approved by the Prime Minister.

Among the forum participants are Tran Manh Hung, from Sweden’s Ericsson, an expert in data science, artificial intelligence, computer science; Le Bac Viet from Temple University School of Medicine in the US, a specialist in cancer research, gene reproduction, and Bui Ba Chinh, Director of the National Barcode Center and Nguyen Truong Phi from the Department of Technology Application under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

At the forum, the delegates focused on proposing solutions on four main contents. In the content of creativity ignition, the delegates discussed basic research topics for the development of science, technology and innovation as well as the application of science and technology in optimizing and improving production efficiency sustainably and biomedical, life science, and human research.

In the application and technology transfer content, the delegates talked about technology application, transfer in energy and environment and the application and technology transfer in urban development.

In the content of connection of young intellectuals to develop the digital economy and national digital human resources, the delegates discussed the promotion of digital transformation in production, business, governance and innovation.

In respect of the development and commercialization of digital transformation solutions, the delegates focused on the growth of digital health - education projects, promotion of Vietnamese cultural and human values in the digital era, and development of innovation and creativity networks.

At the end of the forum, recommendations of the fourth global forum of Vietnamese young intellectuals are expected to contribute to the country’s development.

Moreover, it is hoped to form scientific research groups under the Global Network of Young Vietnamese Intellectuals after the event. Scientific research topics and programs of research groups ordered by ministries, localities, organizations, and enterprises would be published.

The event organizer hoped that through this forum, young Vietnamese intellectuals at home and abroad will have discussions about their vision and mission to contribute to the national digital transformation by 2025 with the orientation to 2030. Through the forum, young intellectuals will contribute to the promotion of the national digital transformation and developing Vietnam into a modern and prosperous country.