Vietnamese health watchdog removes drugs containing Valsartan

The Vietnam Administration of Drug (VAD) under the Ministry of Health yesterday sent its document asking to recall of medicines containing Valsartan ingredient.

The recalled medications are because they contain a chemical that poses a potential cancer risk.
VAD requested to recall valsartan-containing medications made by Zheijang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd, Zhuhai Rundu Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd, Zheijang Tianyu Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd and Hetero Labs Ltd.
The recalled drugs include Valsartan160, with its registration No. VD-29714-18 made by Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Company; Cobidan 80, with its registration No. VD-22086-15 manufactured by BV Pharma company; drug Meyervasid M with its registration No.VD-30052-18; Mayervas 160, its registration No. VD-26480-17; Mayervas 80, its registration No. VD-26481-17; Mayervasid, its registration No. VD-26482-17; Meyervasid F, its registration No. VD-26483-17 made by Meyer – BPC company; and Valthotan F11m Coated Tablets 160mg “Standard”, its registration No. VN-17592-13 by Standard Chem & Pharm Co Company.
The health authority ordered above-mentioned enterprises to quickly work with distributors and importers to recall all drugs from retailers and wholesalers. They must report the task before September 30.

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