Vietnamese doctors apply DSA for coronary artery treatment

Surgeons of the City International Hospital have successfuly applied Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) for treating a patient with coronary artery, heart failure, chronic kidney, high blood pressure, diabetes, hepatitis C and tuberculosis.

Vietnamese doctors apply DSA for coronary artery treatment
A 58 year old patient hailing from the central coast city of Nha Trang was taken to the hospital when she was suffering breathing problem, and her body was swollen. She was diagnosed to have acute swollen lung, heart failure and coronary arteries.
The old woman was undergoing tests and intensive treatment. Doctors kept an eye on her to follow the development of the disease.
However, her condition did not abate but became worse. Accordingly, doctors from the heart ward, the recuperation convened a meeting to arrive at a decision for a stent thrombosis implantation because she had coronary artery.
After the surgery, the elderly woman recovered soon.

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