Vietnamese businesswoman wins CEO of Le Fonti Global Awards

A Vietnamese businesswoman won CEO of the Le Fonti Global Awards in sustainable development.

On behalf of Ms. Thai Huong, a representative receives the award

Vietnamese Labor Hero Thai Huong was honored as a leader of global sustainability development at the Le Fonti Global Awards ceremony - the world's most prestigious award honoring outstanding entrepreneurs in Dubai.

Le Fonti Awards is an award established in 2008 in Italy by Le Fonti - the only certified business-focused community in Italy with more than 10.5 million members. The award has been recognized as one of the world’s leading ceremonies of business awards and personal honors support services.

The annual awards are finally judged by Le Fonti's Scientific Committee along with a group of reputable journalists, and experts working in the fields of legal, economic and financial in more than 120 countries.

The Le Fonti Award honors corporations and entrepreneurs with profound influence in the global economic community; businessmen with outstanding technological achievement and employee engagement.

Accordingly, the award ceremony is held annually at influential financial centers in the world such as Hong Kong (China), Milan (Italy), New York (USA), London (UK), Dubai (United States), and the United Arab Emirates).

At the award-given ceremony

Previously, the Le Fonti Award was bestowed to world-famous entrepreneurs and leaders such as Chairman and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos, Chairman and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk, Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett, Meta Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Chairman Emeritus of Microsoft Bill Gates, Chairman of MultiBank Group Naser Taher.

According to Le Fonti's Scientific Committee, Ms. Thai Huong is an impressive nominee, having conquered all members as the successful creator of high-tech agricultural projects with the strategy of using Vietnamese intelligence and Vietnamese natural resources and world-class technology to promote sustainable agricultural production.

Not only in Vietnam, Ms. Thai Huong's successful economic models of sustainable development are continuing to be replicated with large projects in Russia, and Australia. Being a President of the Vietnam Women's Business Association, Ms. Thai Huong also has many contributions to the promotion of the activities of female entrepreneurs and sustainable development in Vietnam.

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