Vietnam TOP-10 ICT Businesses 2021 officially kicked off

Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) yesterday formally launched the program ‘Vietnam Top-10 ICT Businesses 2021’ in Hanoi. This program contributes to the aim of forming 100,000 digital enterprises in Vietnam in 2030 for socio-economic growth.

The press conference to announce ‘Vietnam Top-10 ICT Businesses 2021’ program by VINASA. (Photo: SGGP)

‘Vietnam Top-10 ICT Businesses’ has been an annual program of VINASA since 2014, including 3 main activities of voting for outstanding enterprises in the 17 ICT fields in Vietnam, developing a special 3-language publication, and boosting connections between ICT businesses and potential international, domestic customers.

So far, the program has been able to honor 390 excellent companies, prepare 20 publications in Vietnamese, English, and Japanese to VINASA’s 10,000 partners from 100 nations.

‘Vietnam Top-10 ICT Businesses 2021’ is going to select remarkable enterprises, divided into three groups according to their working field, business model, digital transformation solution provision, technological ability, competitiveness.

The evaluation process consists of 3 rounds: preliminary profile selection, presentation and practical examination, final voting.

The judge board is chosen from experts in the fields of technology, finance, administration, e-commerce, prestigious IT reporters.

General Secretary of VINASA Nguyen Thi Thu Giang shared that in the globalization era, the demand for digital transformation and the seek for suitable partners is extremely high. Therefore, the introduction of prestigious domestic ICT businesses to international partners is expected to speed up cooperation worldwide.

She added that the program this year includes many new technological fields to answer the needs of the market searching for feasible solutions to current issues.

In the last 5 years, ICT industry has always been the one with the fastest growth rate, 26.1 percent per year on average. This industry has greatly contributed to the general national development and modernization of Vietnam.

In 2020, the revenue of the ICT industry was US$120 billion, including $6 billion from software development and digital content (2 times higher than the one in 2015). The productivity and labor output value of this industry were also 3 to 10 times higher than those of others, reaching $20,000 per person per year. The proportion of domestic contribution also accounted for 90-95 percent.

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