Vietnam to boost technology transfer from universities

Saigon Innovation Hub (SIHUB) yesterday cooperated with Expara – a technology venture fund, University of Sydney (UTS) to hold the conference ‘Promoting the Establishment of Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) in Universities’ for the sake of more effectively commercializing research results.

The model of hydroponic vegetable production in the laboratory of the University of Natural Sciences. (Photo: SGGP)

Director of SIHUB Huynh Kim Tuoc stated in the conference that Vietnam is now lacking a professional board to evaluate research results, be it for small-scaled businesses or large-scaled manufacturing. Therefore, he suggested that university should form a unit specially for research activities and research result commercialization to more easily approach needy people in the market.

Other participants in the conference agreed that cooperation and technology transfer among universities are limited and encountering difficulties. Adding to that is the trouble in registering for the protection of intellectual property, transferring technology and commercializing research results in a methodical and professional manner in order to maximize the effectiveness of products created from research activities.

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