Vietnam determinedly boosts national digital transformation

Possessing great economic and technological potentials, Vietnamese telecoms businesses must quickly transform themselves into digital technology ones in order to create a strong foundation for the national digital transformation to take place smoothly.

The educational ecosystem of VNPT has been widely used in Vietnam recently. (Photo: SGGP)
The educational ecosystem of VNPT has been widely used in Vietnam recently. (Photo: SGGP)

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung reported that Vietnam used to stay in the global Top-50 best countries as to telecoms infrastructure. Sadly, now its position downgrades to the Top-100 list.

After a short time heavily investing in telecommunications facilities, most enterprises in the field focus more on price competition. They seem to forget that a cease in technological investment means a foreseen loss, since the telecoms demands of the public change the most rapidly.

The Minister firmly stated that 2020 must begin a new and more enthusiastic investment cycle for telecoms and digital infrastructure in order to establish all necessary platforms for the national digital transformation process to happen successfully.

He added that Vietnam aims at coming back to the global Top-50 list.

Lately, major telecoms companies in the nation have experienced various kinds of changes, from quantity to quality, business models to development strategies. Maintaining their traditional commercial activities in the aspects of Internet, mobile and landline network provision, Vietnamese telecoms giants like VNPT, Viettel, MobiFone simultaneously invest much of their capital in cutting edge technologies and digital facilities to become the true providers of multi-platform digital technologies.

The most serious obstacle of the digital transformation process is to switch business and management models, to upgrade the level of the human resources, and to include new telecom-unrelated services based on the digital platform. This challenge requires the application of advanced technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT, and AI.

“Vietnam has just begun its initial stage of a digital economy. The market is still quite large, and opportunities are there for all who are wise enough seize the chance. At the moment, the total expense of businesses in the nation for IT is around VND69,000 billion (approx. US$3 billion), while the total national budget for this field in 2020 was VND17,000 billion ($737 million)”, said Mr. Pham Duc Long – Chairman of VNPT’s Board of Members.

“The desire for digital transformation must exist in the mind of each citizen, each organization, and each enterprise. This process must be regarded as a valuable chance to turn Vietnam into a digital giant”, added Mr. Long.

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