Vietnam aims at becoming giant in cyber security

Vietnam this year is going to announce its strategy on national digitalization in order to form a digital economy and society, as said by the Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung in the international conference on cyber security held yesterday in Hanoi.

Vietnam aims at becoming giant in cyber security

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung stated that the digital revolution, bringing along new breakthrough technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, is allowing the whole world to establish smart societies.

Therefore, he affirmed that there is no choice for nations but to implement the digital transformation process.

The national strategy on digitalization is expected to be the foundation for the creation of a digital economy and society in the near future.

Notably, cyber security for the government, businesses as well as citizens is critical to ensure the success of this essential process.

Minister Hung announced the plan to hold a regular conference in Vietnam on cyber security so that state units and businesses in this field have an opportunity to cooperate with one another, ensuring the highest possible cyber safety for network users.

In order for Vietnam to become one of the leaders in cyber security, besides to development of a national cyber safety market, all investment projects for IT in the country must include a special sector on this matter.

In addition, human resources training and business establishment in the cyber safety field should be encouraged.

Finally, at least one specific cyber security business is responsible for each critical national infrastructure and state office.

In the event, the Ministry of Information and Communications for the first time presented the Global Cybersecurity Index 2018 (GCI 2018). Accordingly, among 90 ministries and state units nationwide, no organization is rated at Level A (the highest), nor is there an organization at Level E (the lowest).

Only 15 organizations are classified at Level B, accounting for 17 percent. 63 out of 90 organizations are rated at Level C, occupying 70 percent. The rest are at Level D.

In the framework of this event, the Authority of Information Security, the Vietnam Information Security Association, including the five founders of FPT Group, Viettel, VNPT, BK, and CMC, signed an agreement to form an alliance to handle malware and cyber attacks.