Useful IT applications for Covid-19 fight in HCMC

Due to the complexity of the latest Covid-19 outbreak in Ho Chi Minh City, residents here are encouraged to download and install the apps named ‘Y Te HCM’ and ‘Tong dai 1022’ on their iOS or Android devices for ease of health declaration and information updating, respectively.


The interface of the information portal ‘Tong Dai 1022’. (Photo: SGGP)

Accordingly, the app ‘Y Te HCM’ has been used widely in over 9,600 companies and state units for convenient electronic health declaration.

It has the function of QR code scanning (yellow button) so that users can scan the corresponding QR code located at the entrance of a company or state office to carry out their health declaration process. There is a button to capture the screen when this process finishes, making even technology novices feel at ease.

Another of its useful functions is check-in record, which helps users to save the history of the locations they have visited and done health declaration, also via QR code scanning.

Therefore, the app users only need to report their health status once a day and use this form, under the form of a personal QR code, in various places for the next 24 hours.

Deputy Director of the HCMC Information & Communications Department Vo Thi Trung Trinh informed that the city is cooperating with related units of the Information & Communications Ministry to upload the collected health declarations of city dwellers onto the shared database of the National Database Center and the HCMC Database Center, which is linked to the database of the Health Ministry.

This is supposed to boost the speed and precision of the Covid-19 infection tracking task in the city so that the outbreak can be put under control.

The information portal ‘Tong Dai 1022’ is developed by the HCMC Department of Information and Communications to receive information updates from residents 24/7. The app helps users obtain the latest reliable news and problem handling from the authorities in 12 aspects, including traffic infrastructure, public greenery care, telecoms facilities, lighting systems around the city.

Lately, the portal has been used mostly to receive report on violations of Covid-19 prevention measures, illegal trading of items during the social distance time, stranger detection in the neighborhoods, and suspicious cases of Covid-19 infection.

The app is also used to collect practical suggestions, feasible solutions from the community regarding Covid-19 prevention tasks.

One of the valuable features of this app is a digital map with updated information about lockdown areas throughout HCMC, locations of Covid-19 infections, locations to sell facemasks, healthcare institutes, and essential commodities stores.

Thanks to the app, many cases of people coming from Covid-19 infected areas but refusing to report to the localities have been detected and dealt with successfully. The portal has received over 7,800 useful information updates from residents throughout the city so far, all of which have been transferred to the corresponding localities to handle.

Anyone who has not installed these two practical apps is encouraged to do so in order to help the fight against Covid-19 in HCMC.

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