Two more old Vietnamese women die of Covid-19

The Ministry of Health today confirmed two more old Vietnamese women died of Covid-19 related complications. Both had underlying health conditions.
Two more old Vietnamese women die of Covid-19
The first case was a 86-year-old woman from the Central Province of Quang Nam who was suffering from chronic kidney failure and heart problems. She and was being treated at Da Nang Dermatology Hospital then moved to Da Nang Hospital.
The second death was 83-year-old woman who has stayed still for six years for suffering from degenerative joints and recently had gastric bypass surgery.
Vietnam has so far had five Covid-19-related deaths.
In related news, the Ministry of Health yesterday convened an online meeting about admission of Covid-19 patients.
Acting Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long said that right when the first Covid-19 community transmission case was detected, the Ministry hadpredicted the second wave of the pandemic is more complicated than the previous.
With determination to curb the spread of Covid-19 and death-related, the Ministry has sent a team of medical experts led by Deputy Health Minister Associate Professor Nguyen Truong Son to the Central City of Da Nang, a hotspot of Covid-19 in Vietnam.
Statistically, from early July, more than 800,000 visitors have traveled to Da Nang and returned to their homes including some 41,000 others to three hospitals in the central city.
Therefore, the Ministry requested local administrations to keep track on these people as well as advised these travelers to contact local medical clinics if they are ill.
Mr. Long shared these Covid-19-related deaths are inevitable because they had serious health conditions.

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