Tan Cang Warehousing JSC launches electronic warehouse management system

Tan Cang Warehousing Joint Stock Company under the Saigon Newport Corporation officially put into operation the electronic warehouse management system eWMS on September 13.
Tan Cang Warehousing JSC launches electronic warehouse management system ảnh 1

It is one of the leading container freight station warehouse and bonded warehouse operators in Ho Chi Minh City, with a warehouse system of over 10 hectares located at Tan Cang Cat Lai Port. Every day, Tan Cang Warehousing Joint Stock Company receives thousands of customers and businesses to conduct import and export procedures at the company's warehouses.

Under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, HCMC and Southern provinces and cities are implementing social distancing, and travel activities and direct transactions are limited, so many customers cannot go to the warehouse to carry out procedures to receive and deliver goods.

Amid this situation, Tan Cang Warehousing Joint Stock Company cooperated with Tan Cang Information Technology Solutions Joint Stock Company to build the electronic warehouse management application eWMS to help to smooth the receipt and delivery of goods, ensure safety against the pandemic, and successfully realize the goal of fighting the pandemic while ensuring production and maintaining the supply chain.

Warehouses, shipping agents, shippers, and transport units interact, perform management procedures, track, carry out freight forwarding procedures, and pay service fees completely online through the electronic transaction portal at tancangwarehousing.com.vn.

The system helps to bring customers many benefits, especially being able to conduct procedures anytime, anywhere with Internet coverage. It not only saves time and costs for businesses but also helps to reduce direct transactions, ensuring pandemic prevention and control amid the current situation.

Lieutenant Colonel Tran Quang Thao, Director of Tan Cang Warehousing Joint Stock Company, said that the timely launch of the eWMS application would help businesses and customers not have to go to the warehouses to carry out import and export procedures, at the same time minimize direct contact, contributing to maintaining smooth production activities and giving customers the best experience of the services of Saigon Newport during the peak of Covid-19 pandemic.