Surgeons save girl who has scalp peeled off after work accident

Surgeons of the Ho Chi Minh City-based Cho Ray Hospital has saved a girl who has scalp peeled off after a work accident.

Surgeons save girl who has scalp peeled off aftera work accident

Yesterday afternoon, Cho Ray Hospital said that it had just triggered the red alert procedure to successfully treat a girl hailing from Tay Ninh Province’s Trang Bang District who had her entire scalp ripped off by a yarn winder.

Dr. Ngo Duc Hiep, Head of Cho Ray Hospital’s Department of Surgery - Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, said that the patient was admitted to the hospital on January 18 with a diagnosis of a complete scalp abrasion wound.

According to her relative, while the patient was working at a spinning factory on that day, she was bending forward to work, the suction force of the spinning machine sucked her hair, causing wounds on the entire head skin.

The patient was taken to Xuyen A Hospital for first aid before being transferred to Cho Ray Hospital for further treatment.

Cho Ray Hospital soon triggered the red alert for an operation to save the girl who had clinical tests before emergency microsurgery to reattach the severed scalp. Two surgical teams coordinated in the 4.5-hour surgery and they succeeded in grafting the scalp and reconnecting the patient's ear with the support of a microscope system.

The patient's scalp was torn by the wrapping machine, blood vessels were almost completely crushed, making the preservation and grafting process difficult, Dr. Ngo Duc Hiep informed. Therefore, before microsurgery, it took a lot of time for surgeons to handle the loose scalp, wash it, and clean the hair.

After surgery, doctors used many medical solutions so that the skin flap is alive again with blood flow in its own blood vessels and the ear lobe healed almost perfectly. The patient was re-examined after a month and noted that the wound had healed well and hair had grown back.

According to doctor Ngo Duc Hiep, this case's surgery was successful thanks to the good first aid and proper preservation of the skin.

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