Stem cell transplant proves effective in treating cerebral palsy kid

Vinmec International Hospital has used stem cell transplant for the first time to treat cerebral palsy kid and the 8-year-old patient is doing well.


Nguyen Le Nhat Lam, 8, in Duong Minh Chau District of in the southern province of Tay Ninh is cerebral palsy. She is skin and bones and she has crippling limbs. She leads a plant life.  Knowing the case of the kid, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Liem, Vinmec International Hospital’s director who conducted a scientific research “Using own stem cell to treat cerebral palsy children, decided to treat the kid by transplanting stem cell.


After four stem cell transplants in the hospital, the health of Nhat Lam recovered well. She can sit to feed herself without help of her mother. Her father, Nguyen Cong Thu, is happy as she is practicing walking without leading by her mother’s hand and speaking; moreover, she did not give his biceps a flex like old days. Dr. Liem said that the girl is one of lucky cerebral palsy kids who recovered thanks to stem cell transplant.


In Vietnam, as per a survey, the percentage of cerebral palsy children is 0,06 - 0,19 percent of the total children in the country bringing a burden for their families and society. Cerebral palsy patients are treated in hospitals account for 20-70 percent. Accordingly, International hospital Vinmec’s successful stem cell transplant operation on the cerebral palsy child has paved the way for the new treatment for these children.


Director Dr. Nguyen Thanh Liem will provide examination and treatment to children who suffer congenital complicated malformation in urinary tract, congestion, chest and genital organs at the hospital’s branch in Ho Chi Minh City at 2-2 Bis in Tran Cao Van Street in Da Kao Street in District from October 7 – 10.

Especially, he will have an exchange with those who desired to have stem cell transplants to treat cerebral palsy, cirrhosis, Osteoarthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary and spinal lesions.


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