Smart homes enjoying promising future

Thanks to the appearance of advanced technologies, a smart home is not too out of reach of most citizens in Vietnam. Although this model is quite new in the nation and requires careful consideration of buyers, it is expected to fully bloom in the near future as house purchases realize its usefulness for their life.

With a tablet, the owner of a domotics can easily monitor and control smart devices in his or her house.

A smart home, also known as a domotics or home automation, is a house installed with smart devices that can be monitored and controlled remotely via the Internet. These devices include home attributes and security.

Obviously, a smart home helps people to obtain a higher living standard, with more convenience. For instance, with a few touches onto the monitor of a remote control or a smart phone, a home owner can turn on or off the lights of a specific room in their house without the need to move anywhere. Door and window curtains can be automatically opened or closed according to schedule. Even better, the front door can automatically open to welcome a guest, followed by light and air conditioning on-switching in the living room.

For those wishing to self-install their own domotics, they can begin with simple smart devices like lighting, fans, door and window curtains, TV, and air conditioning. These kinds of equipment cost less than VND10 million (approx. US$432).

First, depending on the current status of their house, these people must consider the number of devices to be set up in each room. Then they need to adjust the existing wiring system in their house to be ready for new machines.

The Internet is one of the best places to find suitable smart devices with specific keywords like ‘smart switch’, ‘smart light sensor’, or ‘smart electric device’. Friends are also a logical searching source with useful recommendations to select the best devices among so many items from domestic businesses such as Lumi, ACIS as well as international prestigious companies such as Scheneider from France, TIS from the US, or Bticino from Italy.

It is advisable to choose merchandise of renowned companies to ensure cyber security and durability.

However, to create a fully operating smart home, owners must express their wish right at the designing stage. At the moment, many domestic companies like Smarthome Bkav are capable of fulfilling this task.

The cost of such a home automation system varies from VND20-200 million ($864-8,640) for the mid-range segment to VND500 million-a few billion ($21,600-86,400) for the high-end one.

Since a smart home has a security system, it can timely deliver warnings and alerts to the smart phone of home owners in the cases of fire and explosion, burglaries. This is extremely beneficial to increase the security level of a house. It is important that these people choose their smart devices carefully to ensure quality and safety.

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