Sewing needle removed from boy’s heart

Surgeons of the Children Hospital No. 1 June 26 successfully removed the sewing needle from  the heart of a teenager, allegedly plunged into him accidentally.
The boy is treated in the intensive care unit after the operation (Photo: SGGP)
The boy is treated in the intensive care unit after the operation (Photo: SGGP)
Because the boy, 13, from Bu Dang district, Binh Phuoc province experienced serious chest pain and fell into a faint, he was rushed to the Children Hospital No.1 in Ho Chi Minh City.

The boy is infected because the sewing needle has stayed in his heart in two months. 

His relatives said that the needle had penetrated deeply into his chest accidentally while he laid down in the pillow, and he himself took out the needle without telling anyone. Yet he could just take half of the needle and the broke needle still stayed in his chest.

Two months later, he suffered serious chest pain and cough therefore he told his parents about needle story. They were quick to take him to the Children Hospital No. 1.

Through examination, doctors found out when he had chest pain, he fell into coma. Scan showed that there is fluid effusion in his heart. Accordingly, surgeons decided to perform a chest operation yet they could not find a needle.
Doctors rescanned and found out the need in left ventricle of the heart. Surgeons supposed an open surgery to take out the needle soon. 

Before and during the operation, scans were carried out without stopping to verify the exact position of the needle. 

Surgeons were under pressure because if they could not find the needle in the second operation, they had to perform another surgery; accordingly, the boy’s heart would be hurt, said deputy head of the Surgery Ward Dr. Nguyen Kinh Bang.

The second surgery lasted nearly 10 minutes and they were successful. The needle began to rust.

The boy was in stable condition after the surgeon and he will be discharged a few days later.

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