Several Facebook accounts in Vietnam temporarily locked due to policy violation

Many Facebook accounts in Vietnam yesterday received a suspension notice because of community policy violations.

Accordingly, Facebook delivered a notice to about 600 concerned Facebook accounts, saying that they have broken Facebook’s community policy and are temporarily locked, with a 30-day period to give a logical compelling reason. Otherwise, these accounts will be permanently locked.

The reason for this suspension is said to be the spreading of a clip with sensitive content related to adolescents on Facebook or Messenger lately. It was detected by AI-based automatic information scanning.

Athena Cyber Security Center shared that the Facebook community policy regulates the disapproval of spreading naked mature body images, sexual content and the protection of adolescents from this toxic content.

In addition, Decree No.72/2013/ND-CP by the Government on management, provision, and use of Internet services and cyber information states that the spreading of such sensitive clips online is severely punished.

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