Seminar held to provide businesses with digital transformation solutions

A seminar was held by the Ho Chi Minh City Union of Science and Technology Associations to provide businesses with effective digital transformation solutions to redefine their strategies and stay ahead in an era where adaptability is paramount.

At the seminar

According to a report from the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City, the city strives to become a smart city by 2030 with fundamental changes in the operations of digital government, digital businesses, and digital society. To soon achieve this goal, the city has established a shared data center with 1,000 servers. In addition, there are more than 800 connection points of internet and related broadband service Metronet to state agencies.

In addition, the city also invested in building a digital platform and data sharing system with 1,139 units with the National Data System (NGSP) and building an online administrative procedure resolution system to serve people and businesses.

In the context of the world's fourth industrial revolution, core innovative breakthrough technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data, blockchain technology, and semiconductor microchips are creating wide-ranging changes, gradually replacing traditional production methods and business models.

In 2023, Vietnam had about 3,800 innovative startups, including 11 businesses valued at over US$100 million, 208 investment funds, 84 incubators and 35 organizations to promote trading.

In fact, digital transformation in small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam is taking place strongly thanks to the rapid development of technology that has created big changes for businesses in many different fields. More and more businesses are successfully participating in digital transformation, initially gaining significant achievements.

For instance, Deputy Director Nguyen Ngoc Huong of Thien Nhien Viet Import-Export Company revealed that after a live stream session in the OCOP market event in HCMC’s Can Gio outlying district, the company received 200 orders which is equal to the company's semi-monthly sales on the e-commerce platform. Moreover, in the past, the company's partners had to pay a visit to its factory to watch each product preparation and processing process but now, thanks to digital technology, the factory is live-streamed for the partners to see the production process at home.

She concluded that digital transformation is an inevitable process in society and the vital lifeline of every business.

According to Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Union of Science and Technology Associations Prof Nguyen Van Phuoc, digital transformation-related activities are currently taking place strongly and widely and becoming an inevitable trend.

Ho Chi Minh City has many plans with the orientation toward the construction of digital infrastructure, digital government, and digital economy. The combination of science - industry and innovation will create a driving force for development, promoting the application of new scientific research into production and services; thereby helping increase businesses’ competitiveness.

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