Regular Tet activities go online

As the Covid-19 pandemic is still rather complicated in Vietnam at the moment, many people choose a safe method to spend their Tet Holiday – staying at home. However, thanks to advanced technologies, their activities are not any less diverse and enjoyable.

Digital lucky money giving is the favorite of many young people. (Photo: SGGP)

YouTube now has a huge quantity of film and music clips. Most popular Tet films and songs can be easily found here, and thus can be observed anywhere anytime with merely a smart device.

Other well-known domestic platforms for music appreciation are Zing MP3 and Nhaccuatui. As to comedies or high-quality films, people visit such platforms as FPT Play, Zing TV, POPS, Netflix, Apple TV.

Online tourism is another interesting choice for people staying at home to visit different places in the world in their free time. Google Arts and Culture allows its users to immerse themselves in the global cultural or historical environment. Right now, it is free in all three versions of website, iOS and Android apps so that individuals can discover attractive landscape all over the world via panorama pictures.

Famous tourism landscapes in Vietnam are introduced to international friends by Google Arts and Culture through its program ‘Ky quan Viet Nam’ (Vietnamese wonders) to honor tangible and intangible heritages certified by UNESCO like Son Doong Caves, Hoi An Lantern Festival, Tu Duc Tomb, and Hue Royal Court Music. It is, therefore, quite meaningful to spend Tet Holiday – a traditional holiday of the country – learning about different cultural and natural features of Vietnam.

Another impressive activity going online is lucky money giving, making it more fun and convenient regardless of geographic distance. Simply with a smart phone, people can give lucky money to their relatives easily. They even can choose a lucky amount of VND686,868, VND888,888, VND6,666, which can hardly be done offline.

Most people choose to carry out this traditional activity via e-wallets like ZaloPay or MoMo. Using these apps, money givers can also choose an e-card to send along or enter an item collection race to win valuable prizes and to decorate their virtual house for Tet Holiday.

Co-founder of MoMo Nguyen Ba Diep shared that MoMo is using advanced technologies to offer entertaining events for its users while helping them maintaining the Vietnamese traditions for Tet Holiday in an innovative and enjoyable way.

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