Railway company provides one further website for Tet Holiday train tickets

In order to be well prepared for train ticket selling for the Tet holiday, the Vietnam Railways has just added new features to its train purchasing website www.vetau.com.vn.
Passengers are waiting to buy train tickets at Sai Gon Railway Station
Passengers are waiting to buy train tickets at Sai Gon Railway Station

This is expected to make the website become more intuitive, the searching action simpler, the selection of routes in accordance with departure and arrival time easier.

According to the Saigon Railways, in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), along with the current website for ticket selling http://dsvn.vn , the new website, which is a jointly project with FPT Corporation, is now officially launched after its piloting time.

When accessing this new website, users may find its interface more intuitive and its searching function simpler and more convenient since they can choose their favorite route related to departure and arrival time. The new website also provides information on each train, including its departure and arrival time to every station, available seats, all seat fares, and related promotional campaigns so that passengers can better arrange their agenda or compare ticket fares.

Besides offering information on station names, the website is designed in order for ticket purchasers can select departure and arrival time to each station in three sessions of morning (from 12am – 12pm), afternoon (12pm – 6pm), and evening (6pm – 12am the next day). If buyers do not make specific choice on time, the system will show all available times and train numbers that will run that day.

According to Mr. Tran Quoc Trung, Deputy Director of Saigon Railways, his organization is considering implementing a membership program for regular customers thanks to stored information in the website system. These members will receive more benefits as to train fare and added services.

FPT’s representative also said that because of the features in the new website, passengers now have more options when purchasing tickets online, especially in the selling session for next 2019 Tet holiday beginning on October 1, 2018.

It is worth mentioning that at the moment, on the Internet, there are many websites to sell train tickets, some of which purposely create a name similar to the official website of the Vietnam Railways. This has misled certain customers, especially foreigners, and they have to buy tickets with a much higher price. Therefore, to avoid unwanted financial loss, passengers are advised to access the formal websites of the Vietnam Railways at http://dsvn.vn and http://vetau.com.vn when buying train tickets.