Project to build national database on citizens launched

The Police Department on Administrative Management of Social Order (under the Ministry of Public Security) on July 20 co-organized the launch of the project to develop the national database on citizens with joint-names contractor VNPT-HADIC-GTEL ICT.

The ceremony to launch the project to build a national database on citizens on July 20 in Hanoi. (Photo: SGGP)
The ceremony to launch the project to build a national database on citizens on July 20 in Hanoi. (Photo: SGGP)

The national database on citizens gathers basic information of all Vietnamese citizens before standardizing, digitalizing, and storing it to serve management tasks of the Government as well as trading activities of organizations and individuals. Therefore, participants of the project must have great IT potentials and sufficient experience.

Being one of the six core national databases to create an e-government, this is a vital project of the country.

Although there is not much time to carry out the project, the joint-names contractor, consisting of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), Hanoi Post & Telecommunications Development Investment Consultant Joint Stock Co. (HADIC), and Gtel Information and Communication Technology Co. Ltd., confirmed that they will do their best to complete this historic mission.

In the event, Deputy General Director of VNPT Huynh Quang Liem shared that thanks to the experience gained from various major projects in the last few years, his organization can confidently collaborate with its partners to fulfill all goals of this project.

He promised to exploit all possible high-leveled human resources of the company sited in 63 provinces nationwide to ensure the schedule of this rushing project, avoiding unnecessary expense at all cost.

Right after receiving the project, the joint-names contractor carried out important phases of the project like preparing a suitable design and financial, developing software and creating a database center in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, installing essential equipment at all 63 provinces, training human resources necessary for the tasks.

Regarding technology and security, the joint-names contractor suggested to use the architecture of multi-layer multi-technology security, application, and platform.

Other technologies chosen to collect data about citizens must satisfy criteria in the aspects of process ability, operation stability, information safety, data sharing and exploitation, integrating ability to other systems of the Government, expense optimizing.

The design of the system should take into account the ability to integrate foundation services and technologies such as AI, BigData, and BlockChain or to use modern terminals to aid the Police as well as citizens. The system must also ensure to keep up with the swift development of new technologies.

Major General To Van Hue, Director of the Police Department on Administrative Management of Social Order, said that this is a national project assigned to the Ministry of Public Security to carry out in only one year, yet the workload is enormous.

However, he expressed his confidence that joint-names contractor VNPT - HADIC - GTEL ICT is able to finish the project on time, and that the database can be formally launched on July 1, 2021.

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