Pneumonia emergency from Spratly Islands successfully transferred to mainland

Military Hospital No.175 (under the National Defence Ministry) yesterday announced that at 11:35am, the helicopter No.VN 8616 safely landed at the Institute of Orthopedics of this hospital to transport 49-year-old fisherman Nguyen Hung in emergency from the Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands to the mainland for pneumonia treatment.

The medical staff transporting the patient to the emergency ward of Military Hospital No.175

The medical history of Nguyen Hung reveals that 7 days ago, he suffered a cough, chest pain, and short of breath. He was admitted to the clinic of the Spratly Islands in Khanh Hoa Province at 7:00pm February 23.

After receiving negative results for the Covid-19 test three times, he was carefully examined. He was found to have fatigue, slow reaction, high fever of 39oC, and the pulse of 140 times/minute, the blood pressure of 180/120 mmHg, the SpO2 Index of 36%. He also has two disproportionate chest sides.

Having helped him to recover his SpO2 Index to 90% and reduce the pulse to 110 times/minute, the blood pressure to 120/80 mmHg, the clinic doctors carried out an online medical consultation with Military Hospital No.175. via Telemedicine.

Doctors are examining the patient

Diagnosis shows that the man is suffering respiratory failure due to large-scale pneumonia, leading to left pneumothorax on day 7, which is rather serious.

Accepting the proposal to bring him to the mainland for treatment, Vietnam Helicopters Corp. transported the patient on the helicopter No.VN 8616 to Military Hospital 175 for further treatment.

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