Phone network providers determinedly stop spam calls

The Ministry of Information and Communications has announced that from July 1, all mobile subscribers identified as spam callers are to have outgoing calls (on-net) and incoming calls (off-net) blocked.

Phone network providers determinedly stop spam calls

Preliminary statistics from the Telecommunications Authority reveal that in the first three months of this year, its spam call detection system has discovered around 49 million suspected calls from over 26,700 subscribers, annoying 18 million customers.

The content of most of these phone calls is to advertise real estates, apartments, condotels, insurance, financial services, English learning classes. Particularly, there have been robocalls detected, which has made management tasks even more challenging.

Therefore, the Telecommunications Authority has sent a written document to specifically ask phone network carriers to perform necessary actions to stop these spam calls immediately.

Besides clearly defining a spam call, the document mentions the responsibility of network providers for preventing theses annoying calls to protect consumers’ right.

Accordingly, the blocking will work based on the five criteria of abnormal quantity of calls, frequency of calls, duration between calls, length of calls, and call receivers’ feedback to such suspected calls.

The Telecommunications Authority is going to published results of these blockings so that the public can evaluate the quality of each phone network provider.

Viettel has already carried out necessary technical methods to stop such spam calls since July 1. VinaPhone and MobiFone are going to follow the suit before August 1.

Other smaller phone network providers like Vietnamobile, Gtel, Dong Duong Telecom, Hanoi Telecom will begin the task no later than October 1, 2020.

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