PC-Covid permission requests fully evaluated

The National Technology Center for Covid-19 Prevention and Control yesterday held a discussion regarding requests for access permission of the app ‘PC-Covid’, used for common actions in Covid-19 prevention measures.

Answering the concerns of users as to so many permission requests of the app ‘PC-Covid’, the National Technology Center for Covid-19 Prevention and Control cooperated with the Authority of Information Security (AIS) to invite related state units, namely the Department of Cyber Security and Hi-tech Crime Prevention (A05) under the Public Security Ministry, the Cyberspace Combat Force (Command 86) under the Defense Ministry, and the Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA), to join in an independent evaluation session for the app.

Participating experts concluded that PC-Covid does not exploit users’ locations, SMS and Over-the-Top (OTT) information at all. It absolutely complies with all provisions in the current Vietnamese laws.

On the same day, the latest version of PC-Covid was released for both iOS and Android operation systems. This version has updated the feature to hide information on QR codes for a higher level of information security.

Until October 6, the app was downloaded 50.4 million times and regularly used by 25.4 million users.

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