Over 200 kids, teachers hospitalized after buffet lunch

Preschool kids and teachers in Hanoi were hit by ‘mass food poisoning outbreak”.

Over 200 kids, teachers hospitalized after buffet lunch
Deputy Chairwoman of Dong Anh District in Hanoi Nguyen Thi Tam yesterday said that more kids were rushed to local hospitals for treatment.

From November 15 to 18, the General Hospital in the district and Bac Thang Long Hospital received 223 students of Xuan Non Preschool. Noticeably, amongst food poisoning victims were two teachers.
The district leader said right after the mass food poisoning outbreak, it requested related agencies to verify the cause and infirmaries to provide best treatment to victims of the incident.
Managers of education department and health clinics are required to visit the victims at the infirmaries and encourage parents.
At the end of the day, approximately 190 kids were kept in infirmaries for further treatment while other s were discharged. Nine serious cases were transferred to the National Children Hospital and the National Tropical Diseases.
People’s Committee in Dong Anh District ordered education department to liaise with health sector in food safety in schools. Especially, school managers are not allowed to organize unsafe buffet.
The buffet lunch in Xuan Non Preschool was catered by Bao An Company in the district. After the buffet lunch, some toddlers had experienced fever, vomiting and shitting.
Therefore, they were rushed to the local infirmary. Test results showed that patients were positive with Salmonella virus type 2, a common bacterial disease that affects the intestinal tract.

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