Online scams in Vietnam on rise

By the end of March 2024, the system of the Authority of Information Safety under the Ministry of Information and Communications has blocked more than 10,000 malicious domains, including over 2,700 online fraudulent domains.

According to the Authority of Information Safety, the online fraudulent situations in Vietnam cyberspace during the first months of the year are on the rise and have been developing complicatedly with sophisticated tricks although the functional agencies have consistently warned and given guidance to detect and prevent the popular scam methods.

From March 3 to March 21, some scam cases were reflected by Vietnamese internet users through the National Cyber Security Monitoring Center (NCSC) under the Authority of Information Safety via alert system address with nearly 300 reflection turns while the total number from the beginning of the year to end of March 2024 was more than 3,800 cases.

Through the checking process from users’ reflection, NCSC identified that banks, securities companies, e-commerce websites and enterprises and groups were units that are often used by subjects to impersonate their websites to scam users.

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