One organ donor saves lives of four people

Relatives of a young man in Hanoi’s Quoc Oai District who died after a serious traffic accident agreed to donate his organs to save lives of four persons, the Army Hospital announced at a press brief on July 28.

Hospital Director Do Quyet said that on July 27, the hospital admitted a 30 year old man who suffered serious concussion and other injuries . Despite of doctors’ efforts to save him, the man was reported to be brain dead.

Accordingly doctors encouraged the man’s mother to donate his organs to save others. Realizing that organ donation is a meaningful deed, the mother agreed.

Soon, surgeons took his heart, liver and two kidneys to transplant on four patients who are at risk of death due to life-threatening disease.

His heart was transplanted to soldier Nguyen NT, two kidneys were given to two female patients at the Army Hospital while his liver was for a patient in Viet Duc ( Vietnam-German) Hospital.

At present four patients were recovering after transplantation operation.

The dead young man is a welder and not yet married.

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