New app for interaction between HCMC dwellers–authorities to launch in September

HCMC is focusing on solutions to establish its digital government, economy, and society, including the introduction of the app ‘Cong Dan Thanh Pho’ (HCMC Metro Connect) this September.

Officers of the HCMC Digital Transformation Center are processing databases for the app ‘Cong dan thanh pho’ or HCMC Metro Connect

At present, there are several apps of different state departments in HCMC with their own features to serve the public.

For instance, the HCMC Transport Department is managing the app ‘TTGT TPHCM’ (meaning Traffic Order in HCMC), to provide real-time traffic updates to travellers about their intended route and a route finding feature.

Another useful app is ‘UDI Maps’ by HCMC Urban Drainage One-member Co. Ltd. for the latest updates and warnings related to the tide, urban flooding, current rainfall, as well as forecasts of the possibility of flooding due to rain on roads in the city.

The HCMC Department of Planning and Architecture has its app named ‘Thong Tin Quy Hoach TPHCM’ (or HCMC Planning Information) to offer planning data in the whole city to individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Each district itself has developed its own app to serve local residents, mostly to track the progress of administrative procedures, to deliver feedback, and to register for public services. They have been effective tools to maintain the link between dwellers and the local authorities.

Until now, the Digital Transformation Center has been developing a comprehensive application on smart devices, to be called ‘Cong dan thanh pho’ (or HCMC Metro Connect). It will combine all useful features of current applications controlled by state departments and agencies, as informed by the Center’s Director Vo Thi Trung Trinh.

Any state units without their own apps yet can now integrate their databases into HCMC Metro Connect. All databases will be run on the official digital map of HCMC and have their precision checked to ensure it can best satisfy the public’s demands in real time.

For example, city dwellers now in Binh Thanh District with a wish to visit a hospital can access HCMC Metro Connect to identify the nearest medical institute certified by the HCMC Health Department. When wanting to learn more about any promotional campaigns launched by the HCMC Department of Industry and Trade nearby, they can use the app. Bus passengers can find full information about routes passing their current location, including time and fare.

“City dwellers only need their citizen ID card number to sign in the app. HCMC Metro Connect is developed with the understanding that specific needs of people in each locality are different, and thus calling for customization. This useful app is planned to launch on September 2, 2024, which is a meaningful milestone for the city and the whole country in general”, said Director Trinh.

The HCMC Department of Information and Communications shared that when in operation, the app HCMC Metro Connect will be linked to the rearrangement of the city's neighborhoods and hamlets. Based on user data from the application, the city will calculate how to offer digital transformation services to each resident, making it even more convenient to follow administrative procedures.

The app will also further promote the process of digital transformation in education, healthcare, tourism, and social security in the city.

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