Nanozelle Int'l Cosmetic Training Institute suspended due to illegal operation

The operation of Nanozelle International Cosmetic Training Institute was suspended for violating the present regulations following the decision of the health authority in Ho Chi Minh City.


The Inspectorate of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health today announced that they had just coordinated with the Binh Thanh District Health Department and the People's Committee of Binh Thanh District’s Ward 5 to pay an unscheduled visit to an illegal cosmetic training facility on Nguyen Van Dau Street.

Inspectors of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health have requested the facility to immediately stop the medical examination, treatment and training activities without being licensed by a competent authority in addition to the immediate removal of advertising content in the medical field on its websites. Moreover, inspectors temporarily detained products of unknown origin at the facility according to the present regulations.

The facility representative just provided the Certificate of Operation Registration for the Branch of Nanozelle International Aesthetic Training Institute issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City but he didn’t produce any license to practice cosmetology and related cosmetology training.

During the actual inspection at the facility, the inspection team noted that there were customer information sheets related to medical examination and treatment services.

The inspection team recorded exhibits for medical examination and treatment practice such as the third floor equipped with beds, surgical lights and other medical devices.

The fourth floor is a training area for performing techniques for filler and botox injection and the fifth floor is a room for students who want to learn cosmetics techniques to work in the beauty industry.

The group discovered that three students were on the floor who were going to receive training in filler and botox injection techniques.

Worse, the facility representative was unable to show invoices or documents of the origin of the cosmetic products.

According to the report of Mr. Trinh Ngoc Su, claiming to be the facility manager, Dr. Andy Lee – a Korean man and several other doctors will perform the above-mentioned techniques. However, at the meeting, Mr. Su could not provide information and professional qualifications and practice certificates of these doctors.

Therefore, inspectors decided the facility to stop its activities as it has not been licensed by authorities. Moreover, the establishment must remove advertisements which were not censored.

Inspectors threw the book at the facility for illegal training.

Previously, through monitoring social networks, Inspectors of the Department of Health discovered that the website and the Facebook pages ‘Nanozelle Academy’, and ‘K-Korean Beauty Training Institute’ posted advertising in the field of medical examination and treatment and training programs for filler and botox injections, thread lift - a cosmetic procedure that uses thread to sculpt the face. However, the establishment’s cosmetics services have not been licensed.

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