Mother of organ donor rewarded medal

Authorized by Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long who expressed his gratitude to Pham Thi Mai, mother of dead Nguyen Hong Quan, an organ donor; a mission team of doctors from Cho Ray Hospital have visited Ms. Mai’s house in the Southern Province of Ba Ria- Vung Tau and gave her the medal "For the people's health."
Pham Thi Mai ( purple) receives the medal (Photo: SGGP)
Pham Thi Mai ( purple) receives the medal (Photo: SGGP)

Her sorrow seemed to resound in talking with the doctors about the tragedy.  She said understanding that her son Nguyen Hong Quan, 30 years old, couldn’t survive after a traffic accident, she repressed the pain to arrive at a decision that she will donate the organs of the son to save others. She has made brave decisions when it's hard.

She added that her son fell unconscious after the traffic crash. She remembered that after a few days of treatment in Cho Ray Hospital, she nearly collapsed at doctors’ announcement that the son was brain dead. However, she overcame the pain to reach at the decision to donate the son’s organs to save the lives of others who are suffering severe diseases.

Doctors of Cho Ray Hospital immediately spread the information of the organ donation after receiving it. As a result, her son’s organs were transplanted for four patients in the northern, central and southern regions who are recovering now. Relatives of organ recipients have expressed their gratitude to the brave mother.