Most enterprises positively evaluate business environment

Most enterprises forecast that business situation in the last quarter of this year will be more optimistic than the previous quarter, according to the recently released survey on business situation of enterprises conducted by the General Statistics Office of Vietnam.
Particularly, 52.1 percent of enterprises said that business tendency in the last quarter of this year will be better; 12.1 percent forecast that the situation will be more difficult; and 35.8 percent predicted that business situation will be stable.

Earlier, in the third quarter of this year, 43.3 percent of enterprises expected better business situation than previous quarter; 18.3 percent rated that the situation would be worse; and 38.4 percent considered business situation to be steady.

Foreign direct investment sector continued to give the most optimistic evaluation with 90.1 percent of enterprises forecasting that business situation in the fourth quarter will be better and maintain stability. This proportion in state-owned and non-state enterprises was 82.8 percent and 87.5 percent respectively.

At the present, the number of orders in general and export orders that domestic firms received has strongly increased. As for orders in general, in the fourth quarter of this year, 47.9 percent of enterprises will see increasing number of orders; 11.5 percent will suffer a decrease in the number of orders; and 40.6 percent will have a stable number of orders. As for export orders, 40.9 percent of enterprises are expected to have more export orders; 11.6 percent are expected to have less export orders; and the number of export orders of 47.5 percent of enterprises will remain unchanged.

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