Ministry of Health focuses on safe vaccination, disease prevention

The Ministry of Health emphasized focus on disease prevention and safe vaccination in an online meeting with leaders in health sector in 63 cities and provinces yesterday.
Ministry of Health focuses on safe vaccination, disease prevention
The online meeting also updated professional guidance of dengue fever treatment, hand-foot-mouth, safe immunization and how to treat undesirable post-vaccination effects for medical workers in district-level health centers.
Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien pointed out the potential risk of newly-emerging diseases and possibilities of entering into the country as well as a surge in infection cases of hand-foot-and mouth disease, measles, dengue fever because of climate change, rapid urbanization, population density and travelling between the country and foreign nations.
Plus, there has been no vaccine for dengue fever, hand-foot-and mouth. Moreover, citizens’ awareness of disease prevention is not high enough.
To prevent disease outbreaks, Health Minister Tien proposed medical workers to keep an eye on diseases in the country and in the world for early detection. Health workers should increase work on vaccinations in high-risk areas.
Medical institutions should focus on isolating serious patients and patients with slight disease to curb cross-infection in hospitals.
She specially emphasized on popularization of disease prevention so that people are well aware of the importance of active disease prevention and immunization, one of the most important measures to prevent dangerous infectious diseases and eliminate dangerous infectious diseases.
Most of dangerous emerging diseases such as MERS-CoV and Flu A ( H7N9) have not entered Vietnam, according to the Ministry. However, there has been a rise of dengue fever and hand-foot-mouth patients.

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