Mekong Delta localities strengthen home treat, care of Covid-19 patients

The medical sector in the Mekong Delta has been overloaded due to new numerous Covid-19 surges. In order to overcome the current tough situation and reduce pressure for medical facilities, the health sector has performed solutions of home caring and treating Covid-19 patients. 
Mekong Delta localities strengthen home treat, care of Covid-19 patients ảnh 1

Ph.D., Doctor Ha Van Phuc, Director of the Health Department of Kien Giang Province yesterday said that the whole province has confirmed 23,000 Covid-19 infections since the fourth pandemic wave; however, the Mekong Delta province recorded over 300 new infectious cases on average during the two recent weeks.

Currently, the medical sector of Kien Giang Province is carrying out the treatment for 5,340 Covid-19 cases, including over 60 percent of the cases performing self-isolation at home to limit the pressure for the medical sector.

Regarding the concern of using the Covid antiviral pill Molnupiravir for Covid-19 patient treatment at home, Doctor Phuc explained that the antiviral pill is being used under the control of the Ministry of Health.

The take-at-home drug is only given to those people who have been made profile and confirmed that they were tested positive for Covid-19 along with moderate symptoms and voluntarily consent to use the drug.

As for the Covid-19 cases with mild symptoms or without symptoms, it is only recommended to regularly check the temperature and enhance resistance to the disease.

In An Giang Province, over 25,000 people have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 since the fourth pandemic wave. With the coronavirus surges, the locality is performing the pilot of home isolation and treatment for Covid-19 cases.  Besides, the province currently has carried out many solutions to increase the efficiency of pandemic control and healthcare for Covid-19 patients.