Majority of digital transformation activities in HCMC still in theory

Ho Chi Minh City has set goals to use digital transformation for its socio-economic growth, hence the formation of the Support and Consultation Center for Digital Transformation (DXCenter). Sadly, this important process is being carried out much more slowly than expected. SGGP News has conducted an interview with DXCenter’s Director Phan Phuong Tung regarding this slowness.

DXCenter is holding an event to introduce digital transformation solutions to needy businesses

Commenting on the unfinished establishment of a head quarter for DXCenter in HCMC, Director Phan Phuong Tung said that his organization has encountered various difficulties due to this lack of a working space. In fact, more than 60 percent of its activities (product introduction, common working place for independent experts, incubation space for startup ideas) needs a stable location to launch.

At present, DXCenter is working with the HCMC Department of Science and Technology to deal  for a suitable location inside the city’s Innovation Building at the address of 123 Truong Dinh Street of District 3.

As to the low level of cooperation between DXCenter and state agencies, departments in HCMC, the Director shared that all activities of the center are in accordance with policies and directions of the city via the two departments of Science & Technology, Information & Communications.

While these departments mainly focus on upgrading public services and establishing a digital government in the city, DXCenter concentrates more on aiding businesses in their digital transformation process. The center has also launched a consultation program for the inclusion of AI training into the general education program from grade 3 to 12; developed plans to support digital transformation in agriculture and vocational education in the city.

Director of DXCenter Phan Phuong Tung

Answering the question about DXCenter’s collaboration with other provinces, Director Tung informed of the center’s intension to expand its operation to neighboring provinces in the Southern key economic zone, a part of its strategy for the next 5 years.

However, due to human resources limits, at present, the center is promoting activities of support teams, thereby looking for businesses needing digital transformation consultation in order to expand its market. Also, DXCenter is accelerating the progress of forming 7-10 advisory boards on digital transformation to satisfy the high demands of the market.

As to the low level of support provision to individuals and businesses as they implement the digital transformation process, which is originally the center’s focused mission, the Director stated that DXCenter is still trying to complete its operational apparatus, finish necessary procedures and documents, promote the operation of the existing digital transformation advisory boards, and simultaneously develop more groups to support people, small and micro businesses.

In the upcoming time, the center is going to hold more connection activities, conferences, training sessions to raise the awareness about digital transformation in specific fields for specific groups. DXCenter is planning to develop digital transformation solutions for specific needs, along with practical training for the implementation of these solutions.

Right now, consultation in the fields of education, agriculture, food processing are the three strong points of DXCenter, as it has introduced a successful digital transformation frame of firstly a general frame for all businesses with corresponding consultation, secondly advice on solution selection for needy businesses, thirdly the monitoring on the implementation, and finally proper training on digital transformation for businesses.

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